To Come Back Home

by I Dream in Evergreen



released November 30, 2013

Recorded & Mixed by Wes Deboy
Mastered by Carl Saff
Album artwork by Ivan Antonyshev
Photography by Matthew Morgan



all rights reserved


I Dream in Evergreen Indianapolis, Indiana

Max, Christina, Mason, Patrick, Ryan

Listen to our new record, "To Come Back Home", here! Recorded and mixed by Wes DeBoy.

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Track Name: Distant Stations
I fell asleep on the ride home - had one dream, and then I woke to the sound of a sliding door, an '87 Aerostar. Earlier, I remember now...before I slept, you sang out loud to a song with words that gave up all hope to come back home.

I'm aware on that day you were singing that song on the radio somewhere far away, hoping to stay 'cause you'd rather be some place far from this one and never seen again, but I'm here to listen & sing along.

All the pain that was hear before, it never stopped - she said to me - we could've ran away to the western shore, but in that thought I fell asleep. A mighty wind blew away the leaves off all the trees that were in my dream. Almost every color drifted out to sea, but never change to the evergreen.

Revelation on distant stations in far off places, just me & you - I don't care what my location is anymore.
Track Name: Nashville
Today, my baby left me. Went back to the country stars in Tennessee - can't you see I'm dying? I drove home to the circle city. Came back with a broken heart, I hope to God this is temporary.

We've come this far & nobody thought we'd last this long. Doesn't matter how far away you are. I'm going crazy 'cause...

Nashville isn't all that far from here the place you found - my heart - is wherever you'll be, whether it's five miles or five hours away from me.

Well, I got home, then came the weekend. I grabbed my keys and I got to leavin'. Tennessee, can't you see I'm dying? On 65, I'm going 90. In Bowling Green & there's 3 cops behind - I hope to God this is temporary.

I'm going crazy 'cause you are all I have these days, and you know my heart is wherever you'll be whether it's five miles or five hours away from me.
Track Name: Goodbye to Me (new version!)
You could have 'least said goodbye to me my love - when you went back to Tennessee and chose to forget all about me here. Well, I guess it's humbling to know you're time is better spent without me.

You could have 'least said goodbye to me my love.

Our love went dry eventually and I know why, I have to confess, but I still missed you desperately my friend, my lover - still we blame each other to this day.

Music City is calling your name. The clubs need your swingin' - so draw your lines. Erase me away. You'll find someone to hold you like I did. Good luck with your new life without me.

I've come to peace with the way things are, cause you're not that far from here. And I wouldn't doubt there will be a day when I'll come Tennessee you away.
Track Name: Hell
I'll sing you a sad song. Please tell me I'm right or wrong. What are we doing? We're always fighting.

Everything's going to hell these days.

And I take my chances. I know I'm rollin' dice. Don't get me heated. You're walkin' on thin ice.

Embarrass yourself tonight, I'm waiting for you to apologize in the morning. You wouldn't think that it's like clockwork every time. No one told me you were crazy.

Cause I believe in something that's called harmony, yeah something's always wrong with us. Are you serious when you say that you love me? You & me can never quite get over these issues that never get resolved cause after all we pretend that it's okay, but there's no compromise. We coat our words in petty lies, but I'm too scared to see your eyes - look past the crying & say that it's over.

And I try to kiss you, but your lips feel foreign now. I'd write you a love song, but I don't know how.
Track Name: You're to Blame
I'll be here waiting for you to come back home.

Something's wrong, I can feel it holding on. I can't explain the pain that's here when you're gone. I'm never missed & you're to blame. You're to blame for this.

You're not the man I loved before. You're not the man I used to know. It's sad to think about how things can change - that's how it always seems to go. I promised I'd be strong for us, but I'm just scared to be on my own. Oh backbone, you kept us standing straight up, but now I think I need to do this on my own. Oh, no...

I miss the way things used to be, that love in your eyes when you looked at me. I'll make things right, just like before. I'll change your mind when you close that door.
Track Name: Found...
oooooh……aaaaaah…..oooooooh…….aaaaah aah aah aah aah….







Track Name: A Better Way Home
Maybe some day, I'll find a better way. To live life just normally before I am dead. So what does it take to walk & not concentrate on each step in front of me? It's all in my head.

To calm down & change now - it's easier said than it's done. I've tried & never won.

I found a better way home.

Hope against flaw - a war that's worth fighting for cause each joint inside of me aches with defeat. So what does it take to walk & not concentrate on each step in front of me? I've tried patiently...

And I don't know why I always give in.
Cause this is my life. Never a day that passes by.